Types of Patio Doors

Patio doors Sanford FL

Patio doors provide an opportunity to upgrade a home’s aesthetics, increase functionality and boost security. The most common types of patio doors include French doors, bifold and sliding doors.

Adding a new patio door can help homeowners save on utility bills by blocking out the elements and keeping energy inside. A new patio door will also prevent the need for continual band-aid fixes.

Sliding Doors

Also known as sliding glass doors or gliding patio doors, these horizontally movable door panels save space and let in a lot of natural light. They are available in two- and three-panel options that complement any home decor style, from traditional to modern.

When the weather is warm and sunny, these glazed doors are designed to be left open for a framed view and fresh air. They also offer a robust shield against energy loss, keeping your home comfortable and saving you money on utility bills.

Over time, a sliding patio door can become difficult to operate and may need to be lubricated for smooth operation. Our technicians are experts at lubricating sliding doors and can quickly get them working properly again. This is a cost-effective solution that can also help extend the lifespan of your patio doors. Our lubrication service can be paired with other repairs for maximum benefit. This includes repairing or replacing handles, locks and rollers.

French Doors

French doors, also known as hinged patio doors, are a popular choice for homeowners in Florida who wish to connect their indoor and outdoor living spaces. Composed of two door panels that are hinged on the sides and swing outward, French doors create a wide center opening and are ideal for letting in tons of natural light and providing stunning views of your yard and deck. They are available with multiple lites, or panes, which can be crafted in a variety of ways, including decorative grilles superimposed over the glass for an added touch of elegance. Whether you live in a condo in Miami or a ranch-style home in Longwood, there is a french door that is right for your home.

The hinged design of this patio door type offers a powerful shield against energy loss, making it an excellent choice for Florida homes that rely on heavy use of doors to open and close.

Bifold Doors

A dependable and visually appealing home improvement option, bifold doors let you blend your living space with the outdoors by offering wide expanses of glass. They are also a great way to connect multiple indoor areas. They can be installed either externally or internally, allowing you to make a grand entrance that enhances the look and feel of your house.

You can also decide whether the door panels should fold in or out when you open them. This can be an important consideration depending on where you have furniture and fittings, which might obstruct the view if the doors are folded back against the wall.

Bifold doors are highly secure as they have a multi-point locking system that activates at several points instead of just one. This helps to increase security and improve weather tightness. However, their large frames can obstruct the view when closed. This could be a problem for homes that have a lot of outdoor seating or entertainment areas.


Fiberglass is a tough, fade-resistant construction material that is also chemical resistant and corrosion proof. It is a strong, insulator that slows the spread of air in houses, which can help lower your energy bills.

It has good resistance to moisture absorption, low dielectric permeability, and high thermal conductivity, making it perfect for insulation applications. It can also be combined with many organic and synthetic matrices to form composite materials.

This combination can be used in the manufacturing of products like bathtubs, swimming pool fences, and industrial structures. Fiberglass is also used as a reinforcement for plastics to give them added strength.

It can be combined with polyester and vinyl ester resins to create composite materials that are tougher than steel and wood. These are known as fiberglass reinforced plastics or FRP. They can also be used in the manufacturing of grating, moldings and other structural components. These can be molded to any shape required and have very good mechanical properties.