Upgrade Your Home With Front Entry Doors

If your home’s entry door is looking a little bland and needs some personality, you may want to consider installing a new front doors. There are many different styles to choose from and they can add an impressive amount of curb appeal to your house.

A professional will have the necessary skills and expertise to handle any type of door installation project safely and quickly. They will also offer valuable advice on which doors are best for your house.

Curb Appeal

The front door is the first thing that people notice when they enter your home. It is a focal point that sets the tone for your entranceway, and you can give it personal pizazz to set it apart from the neighbors.

Repainting your front door is an easy weekend project that scores big points for curb appeal. You can choose a shade to stand out, blend in, or match your design style.

Add a touch of elegance to your entryway by adding sidelites or transom windows above your door. This adds natural light to your foyer and increases your privacy without sacrificing style.

Swapping out your dated mailbox is an inexpensive but effective way to boost your home’s curb appeal. Choosing an elegant mailbox that coordinates with the rest of your front door hardware is a great way to tie your entryway together.

Energy Efficiency

Your front door is the gateway into your home, but it also affects energy efficiency and security. A new replacement door can upgrade your entryway while creating a fresher look for the whole house.

Choosing fiberglass entry doors with insulated cores helps prevent drafts and moisture that lead to expensive energy bills. They also help keep your home comfortable all year round.

Many homeowners choose to have a front door with glass that allows in more natural light. However, if privacy is a concern, you can choose textured obscure or decorative glass to let in more light while maintaining a level of privacy.

Depending on the style of entry door you choose, it can also feature smart technology that allows you to control your home’s entrance remotely. This feature can make your life easier by eliminating the need to fumble with keys or lock and unlock your doors manually. It can also provide peace of mind while you are away from home or on vacation.


A durable front door is a key component of your home’s defense against the elements. Unlike wood, which is susceptible to rot and rust, fiberglass doors are created with high-quality materials that resist wear and tear. These front doors are also impact-resistant, which means they’ll hold up against flying debris and other external threats.

In addition, fiberglass entry doors are engineered for energy efficiency. They feature insulated cores to help you maintain a comfortable temperature year-round and keep drafts, moisture, and harmful UV rays out of your home.

You can complement your new front door with sidelights or a transom to add more light to your foyer. Available in rectangular and curved designs, these windows offer a more open look while maintaining privacy. A multipoint lock is another option to boost your home’s security features. This hardware is available in a wide range of finishes and offers multiple points of locking to deter unwanted intruders.


If you want to increase the security of your home, consider upgrading to a high-security front door. These doors are made with galvanized steel and a strong door seal for decades of durability. They also come pre-assembled by engineers during manufacturing for optimal home installation. Additionally, the secure core is discreetly infused with ballistic steel to stop dozens of powerful firearm rounds per US DoS standards.

Inside, security cameras can help you keep an eye on who comes and goes. You can also get alerts and see current footage of your property with the ADT Control mobile app when you’re away from home. For added peace of mind, these systems can be bundled with a comprehensive home security system and alarm monitoring. Choosing the right home security system depends on your family’s unique needs.