How to Choose Front Entry Doors in Sanford FL

Replacing your entry door is an affordable home improvement project that dramatically increases your home’s curb appeal. Choose from a variety of front doors in different materials and colors to add style and functionality.

Fiberglass front doors provide the perfect combination of security, energy efficiency and performance. Fill your entryway with light by adding sidelights or a transom.


Unlike standard front doors, impact-rated entrance doors are built to withstand debris that can be blown around during severe storms and hurricanes. They also help prevent water from entering a home during a storm, and they do not require homeowners to cover their windows or install plywood.

These durable front doors from Therma-Tru are engineered with beauty and style for strong curb appeal. They’re made from rugged compression-molded fiberglass and feature deep detailed panels that create shadows and contours. They resist dents, dings, and scratches that can happen with daily use and will never rust or corrode.

These impact doors are ideal for Florida homes because they withstand the harsh tropical storms, hurricanes, and scorching sun that the state is famous for. They meet Florida building standards and High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) requirements, meaning that they’ve passed a rigorous battery of tests. These include a large missile test, air and water infiltration, cyclical testing, and positive and negative design pressures.


One of the most important factors in selecting your new front door is its security features. This includes the strength of the deadbolt and a secure frame. The safest frames are made of metal rather than wood, as they do not rot or break. They also feature a reinforcing steel strike plate, making it nearly impossible to force open.

Another security feature to consider is a deadbolt with a long bolt and a wide grip. A professional can install this type of lock for you. You should also choose a hinge that is mounted on the inside of the door. Exterior hinges are easily picked and broken off, which can make it easier for intruders to bust through the door.

You can also add an extra layer of security to your new entry door by installing a video doorbell. These devices deter bad actors and provide you with eyes on your home at all times. They can also alert you to unexpected guests and allow you to communicate with them remotely.


Whether you prefer a contemporary style or prefer more traditional designs, there are many front doors that reflect your unique tastes. Modern entry doors tend to have minimal details and offer a sleek appearance. They also have narrow sightlines and glass that lets in natural light, preserving your privacy. Some homeowners add decorative or textured obscure glass, grille patterns and other features to personalize their new door.

Rustic entry doors complement homes with a country feel, providing distinct paneling that brings a sense of history to your property. They also allow you to add custom additions, like creative hinge designs and colorful hardware.

Choosing the right material for your door depends on how much security, energy efficiency and performance you value. If you’re not sure what type of door is best for your home, work with a professional to learn more about the available options. They can show you sample colors, woodgrain finishes and door styles to help you find the perfect design.

Energy Efficiency

The material your front door is made from and how it is insulated can make a significant difference in its energy efficiency. Wood doors are porous and a poor insulator, while metal doors conduct heat and allow outside temperatures to enter your home. Fiberglass entry doors are the most energy-efficient and durable.

The insulation value of your exterior door can also be increased by adding a weather strip around the frame, which is often included with new doors or can be purchased as an upgrade. Additionally, a door with dual- or triple-pane glass is more energy efficient than single-pane. Low-E glass coatings help reflect summer sun and winter cold, and protect your interior from harmful UV rays that cause fade damage.

An updated front door can transform your curb appeal, but it’s important to balance style and energy efficiency. Our professionals work to minimize the amount of air that escapes around the edges of your door and frame, maximizing the benefits of your investment.