Types of Replacement Windows and Their Benefits

Replacement windows Sanford FL

Windows are hefty investments. That’s why you want to choose a window company that offers long warranties for products and parts. Look for a warranty that’s transferable in the event you sell your Sanford home.

New windows can save you money on energy bills and qualify you for homeowners’ insurance savings. To get started, request free quotes from local window installation companies.

Double-Hung Windows

Window replacement companies that offer double-hung windows allow homeowners to open both the top and bottom part of the window. This makes cleaning and ventilation easier.

Energy-efficient windows are a great investment, and they can lower a home’s energy costs. They can also reduce carbon emissions by 390 pounds per year, according to Energy Star.

When choosing a window replacement company, pay attention to their experience level. More experience often means better service and workmanship. Additionally, make sure they hold a residential, glazing or general construction license. Having these licenses helps protect the homeowner from scammers and substandard work. You can also check their reputation by reading customer reviews and testimonials.

Casement Windows

The type of windows you choose for your home has a significant impact on its beauty, energy efficiency and value. Here are some of the window styles that are available and their benefits:

Hinged on both sides, casement windows can be cranked open wide like doors for unimpeded views and enhanced ventilation. They also require less effort to open and close than other types of windows.

Because new windows are a considerable investment, homeowners should look for a company that offers lengthy product and installation warranties. This reflects the confidence a company has in its products and services, and ensures that you get the most from your window replacement project.

Sliding Windows

One of the most popular choices for window replacement Sanford FL, sliding windows offer unobstructed views and easy ventilation. These windows open horizontally along tracks located on the top and bottom of the frame and are available in two or three panel configurations.

Single-hung windows consist of vertically stacked sashes with only the bottom sash movable, making them a practical choice for homeowners on a budget. Double-hung windows, on the other hand, allow you to open both the upper and lower sashes, improving ventilation. Energy-efficient options like Low-E glass reflect heat during the summer and retain it in winter to reduce your utility bills.

Awning Windows

Awning windows, hinged at the top and designed to open outward with the crank of a handle, add additional airflow to any room. These windows pair well with fixed picture windows or as accents in hard-to-reach places like a stairwell or above the kitchen sink.

Energy Efficiency

Buying new windows can help you lower your home’s temperature and save on energy costs. During a hot Sanford summer, this can mean your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your home cool.

Look for companies that offer warranties for the products and installation (aka workmanship). This helps protect you if something goes wrong with your new windows.

Picture Windows

A picture window is a great option for homeowners who want to enjoy natural light without blocking the view. While they don’t open, they allow ventilation by letting air escape during the winter and sunlight in the summer.

Since windows are a considerable investment, you need to ensure your new ones are long-lasting. Look for companies that offer warranties on their products and installation. They should also have extensive experience working in the local climate, as they should be able to mitigate low energy efficiency, water damage and rot. A good company should also have an excellent reputation. They should have a high HomeAdvisor Community Rating, with plenty of verified reviews from past clients.

Bay or Bow Windows

Add depth and dimension to your home with bay or bow windows. A bay window features a center window angled at 35 or 45 degrees with flanking windows that can be either single- or double-hung, casement, or picture windows.

Bay and bow windows are typically more expensive than other window types, but their price is based on the number of panes, type of glass, labor, and material costs. A lifetime warranty is another factor that can influence the cost of a bow or bay window. This feature ensures your replacement windows are protected against unforeseen damages or defects. It also covers the costs of repairs and installation.