Maintaining Your Patio Doors

Patio doors offer more than just easy access to your backyard. They play an important role in enhancing beauty, saving energy, and providing security for your home.

Impact glass provides protection from debris that can damage your Florida property during extreme weather events. It also prevents broken glass from becoming projectiles that can cause additional damage to your property.

Energy Efficiency

With their ample glass areas and narrow frames, sliding doors allow you to gaze at your backyard and surrounding landscape from inside your home. This feature reduces your need for artificial lighting during the day and lowers electricity bills.

Unlike swinging patio doors, most sliding types have more energy-efficient glazing levels and seals. You can also find models with a low SHGC rating, which helps prevent solar heat from passing through. A low SHGC value keeps your home cooler and more comfortable during the summer.

Swing, sliding, and French patio doors from Simonton provide homeowners with sturdy protection against intruders and weather conditions. They have heavy-duty aluminum interlocks and vinyl frame and glass panels that resist corrosion. Moreover, they can come in various frame colors, grid styles, and glass finishes to suit your tastes. Besides protecting your home from intruders, these doors help keep it safe and beautiful by filtering out harmful UV rays. Moreover, they offer superior insulation that lowers your energy bills.


Your home is more than just four walls and a roof; it’s your sanctuary. As such, it’s imperative that your patio doors and windows keep intruders out as much as possible. That’s where security comes in, as patio door and window locks protect your privacy and enhance the energy efficiency of your house.

JELD-WEN offers a range of lock styles and designs, so you can choose the right patio door for your needs. For instance, you can find a locking system that fits into the bottom of your door frame for extra protection from intruders. You can also opt for a security bar that mounts to the top of your door or window.

Invest in your peace of mind with a patio door that features high-quality glass and slimmer sight lines for more natural light and beautiful views. You can even get an impact-rated door for enhanced durability and safety against hurricanes or other tropical storms.


Patio doors offer a clear line of sight to the outdoors, allow natural light into your home, and create a stylish transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. Sliding patio doors are a great option for homes that want the classic style of French doors but don’t have the space for swing-out doors.

US Window & Door offers a treasure trove of stunning options to elevate your home’s beauty from drab to fab. The Milgard Trinsic and Tuscany lines, for example, each provide unique features that cater to specific needs. Trinsic doors are geared toward protection from harsh weather conditions, while Tuscany doors are focused on security and feature a multi-level lock system to prevent break-ins.

The selection of patio doors can seem daunting when weighing your options. However, an informed decision can ensure quality, value, safety, and the ideal design for your home. The right choice will also keep your family, friends, and guests protected from the harsh elements of Florida’s climate.


Taking good care of your doors is essential for the long life and aesthetic appeal of your home. Whether it’s keeping the glass clear to provide a stunning view or ensuring that the wood remains shiny and free of marks, proper maintenance is crucial.

One simple way to keep your patio door looking its best is to vacuum the rails once a month and wipe them down with a microfibre cloth with a touch of detergent, paying special attention to any marks that are difficult to remove. You should also consider adding a lubricant to the tracks. Silicone lubricants are best as they don’t attract dust the same way that WD-40 does.

If your doors are starting to show signs of age or are no longer providing the level of security you need, contact our window contractors today to discuss replacing them with something new and fresh. A new door will offer enhanced energy efficiency, improved security and a whole new style statement.