Types of Residential Windows

Residential windows Sanford FL

Whether you are building a new home or replacing windows in your existing Sanford home, reputable window installation experts can help you choose the right style. They can also recommend energy efficient options for your climate and budget.

Double-hung windows have upper and lower sashes that can open, providing efficient ventilation. They are also available with argon gas insulation, which provides better energy efficiency for your home.

Awning windows

Hinged at the top and swinging outward from the bottom, awning windows create ample ventilation at the flick of a handle. They’re perfect to install atop stationary windows like picture windows or on their own in areas that demand extra ventilation, such as bathrooms or above kitchen sinks.

They also offer excellent energy efficiency, reducing air infiltration with a tight seal. Awning windows are also easier to maintain, with screens that can be removed and cleaned easily.

Their roof-like shape offers enhanced privacy, too. Low vertical height constraints allow awning windows to be installed high up on walls, boosting home security. The right window awnings can dress up an otherwise bland exterior, making it unique and eye-catching.

Picture windows

Picture windows are large, non-operating window panes that frame a view in much the same way as a picture frame frames a painting or photograph. They provide a striking design element that enhances the look of any home. They’re often combined with other types of windows, such as casement windows and awning windows, to create a more distinctive look.

These large windows offer a number of benefits, including improved storm protection and energy efficiency. They also feature a tight seal to prevent water and air infiltration. This is especially important for Florida homeowners, who must consider the impact of hurricanes and tropical weather.

Bay or bow windows

Bay or bow windows are an excellent choice for Sanford FL homes looking to add natural light and more space. They feature one inoperable window in the center with casement or double-hung windows on either side, which angle out from the home’s wall.

This allows sunlight to enter the home from various angles throughout the day, which can brighten darker rooms. They can also open cramped areas and create cozy nooks for reading or a dining area. They can also boost the home’s value and energy efficiency.

Double-hung windows

Whether you’re building a new house or replacing old windows, local window installation experts can help you find the perfect windows for your home and budget. They’ll also help you choose energy-efficient windows that can reduce your heating and cooling bills.

Double-hung windows are known for providing increased ventilation and airflow since both the upper and lower sashes can open. This window style is ideal for homes with children because the bottom sash can be locked in place to keep young ones safe.

Single-hung windows offer a more traditional aesthetic and work well in homes with a Craftsman or Victorian design. They also feature a more affordable cost and are easy to clean from the inside.

Fiberglass doors

If you’re looking for a door that is both beautiful and durable, fiberglass doors might be just what you need. These doors are made to withstand harsh temperatures, moisture and UV rays, while also providing superior security.

They’re also more energy efficient than other types of doors, which can help you save money on your electricity bill. Additionally, they’re resistant to dents and scratches and require little maintenance.

Fiberglass doors are also available in a variety of colors, and they can be custom-fitted to your home’s frame for an elegant look. They can also be painted (after having been prepared by an expert) to match your home’s style and color palette.

Aluminum windows

Windows are essential to your home’s functionality and comfort. Old or inefficient windows can increase energy bills and create drafts. In addition, they may detract from your home’s aesthetic and architecture.

Aluminum windows are a durable option for residential homes. They’re also eco-friendly and recyclable. They require less energy to produce than other raw materials.

They’re suitable for Florida’s climate and resist swelling, warping, and rotting. They can be upgraded with energy-efficient features like Low-E coatings and argon gas insulation. This improves energy efficiency by reducing thermal transfer between the indoor and outdoor environment. It also cuts down on noise. The windows are available in a variety of styles and finishes, and offer design flexibility.